136 countries agree to a global tax of 15% on multinationals
136 countries agree to a global tax of 15% on multinationals

136 countries agree to a global tax of 15% on multinationals

A overall of 136 nations reached a international agreement to ensure that massive companies pay a minimal tax price of 15% and make it difficult for them to avoid paying taxes , the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development stated on Friday.

The OECD stated that 4 international locations – Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – had now not but joined the deal.

“Today’s agreement will make our international tax deals fairer and work higher,” OECD Secretary General Mathias Cormann said in a declaration. “This is a extremely good victory for an powerful and balanced multilateralism.”

The OECD argued that the minimal fee will be exceeded directly to countries that collect round $ one hundred fifty billion in new revenue annually, while tax duties on extra than $ 125 billion in earnings will visit international locations wherein huge multinationals earn their earnings.

These are the primary factors of the agreement:


With budgets strained after the COVID-19 crisis, many governments need to deter multinationals extra than ever from transferring their income – and tax revenues – to low-tax nations, no matter where their sales are made.

Increasingly, revenues from intangible sources, such as drug patents, computer packages, and highbrow assets rights, have migrated to these jurisdictions, permitting corporations to avoid paying higher taxes in their home nations.

The minimal tax and other provisions are intended to cease many years of tax competition between governments to attract overseas investment.



The global minimum tax charge might apply to foreign income of establishment companies with 750 million euros ($ 868 million) of income worldwide.

Governments could continue to set the neighborhood corporate tax charge they need, however if businesses pay decrease rates in a given united states, governments of their domestic nations ought to “pinnacle up” their taxes to the minimum of 15%, doing away with the tax. Advantage of transferring income.

A 2d track of the reform could permit the international locations wherein the income is received to tax 25% of the so-known as excess earnings of the biggest multinationals, described because the earnings that exceeds 10% of the profits.


Following Friday’s settlement on technical details, the following step is for the finance ministers of the Group of 20 economic powers to formally approve the deal , paving the way for its adoption by means of G20 leaders at a summit to the end of October.

However, doubts remain about the location of the United States , which relies upon in component on an inner tax reform that the Biden management wants to push thru the United States Congress.

The settlement requires countries to make it law in 2022 so that it can take effect in 2023, a very tight closing date for the reason that preceding global tax agreements took years to put into effect.

Countries that have created countrywide taxes on digital services in current years will ought to repeal them.


The OECD, which has led the negotiations, estimates that the minimal tax will generate $ 150 billion extra annually in global tax sales.

The tax rights on extra than 125,000 million bucks of earnings can also be transferred to the international locations in which they are obtained, from the low-tax international locations wherein they are currently accounted for.

Economists hope the deal will inspire multinationals to repatriate capital to its domestic united states of america, giving those economies a boost.

However, several deductions and exceptions included inside the agreement are designed on the same

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